Meditation & Yoga Shawls

Each shawl is handcrafted in the incredible renowned spiritual region of the Himalayan Mountains of India. Such a practice ensures the vibrational purity of Saffron Handloom Meditation Shawls.

Meditation shawls or prayer shawls have been used in many spiritual traditions over thousands of years. The vibrational energy that is emitted during a meditation is said to be enclosed by the shawl, and so aids in supporting the meditative mind. As a regular meditator I saw the benefits of wearing this particular shawl in my spiritual endeavours.

The combination of silk with either cotton or wool ensures each shawl is lightweight yet keeps body temperature balanced and maintained to help meditative flow without distraction. The natural fibres of Saffron Handloom shawls create a soft, soothing warmth that comforts and reassures, while also helping to block any unwanted energy from outside of your aura that may disturb you during meditation.

Saffron Handloom shawls are entirely chemical and toxin free as they are unbleached and undyed. The resulting natural cream white is a colour of purity, peace and spirituality. This colour is ideal for meditation as it vibrates in a certain way. According to colour therapy wearing white extends the aura and reflects outside negativity. The colour white is a total balance of all the 7 colours and is therefore suited to meditation.

These shawls can be used in multiple ways. They can be used pre or post a yoga session as a yoga blanket to aid relaxation, and help the body re-balance its temperature at an ideal rate. They are also the perfect accompaniment to a yoga or meditation retreat for either practice, or to cover clothing and if necessary maintain modesty.