Our Story


How it all started

Having lived in India for 3 years, I am continually inspired by the incredibly talented and hard working artisans within the country. It has led me to want to support a local source of high quality, sustainable ethical fashion. I had the desire to enable a livelihood that would not just protect the environment, but that would also help families sustain themselves in the long term and to remain unified in their villages and communities. If local, generations old livelihoods are supported, not only are valuable skills and knowledge kept alive, but the splitting of villages is prevented as younger generations don't have to leave their village communities to find work in the cities.

Saffron Handloom’s ethos is to use solely eco-friendly fibres, dyes and yarn that work with, rather than against nature.

Material Philosophy

All the raw materials, from the Himalayan sheep's wool to the herbs used to create the dyes, are sourced from within the country. Furthermore, the complete material creation process is all done within a small nucleus of Himalayan villages. Each scarf is created entirely by hand from the yarn being handspun, to it being dyed by hand and then handwoven on a wooden handloom. Therefore, when compared to conventional fashion creation processes, Saffron Handloom uses non-polluting and sustainable methods of production.

Each purchase you make will go to supporting this process and making a huge difference to the livelihoods of artisans, the handloom craft itself, and to the local environment, whilst also becoming the owner of something beautifully hand crafted that is of a high quality!