Himalayan Sheep's Wool Large Scarf with Natural Plant Dyes

Himalayan Sheep's Wool Large Scarf with Natural Plant Dyes


This unique piece has been handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans on a traditional handloom. Carefully woven over many hours, it is created using the finest Himalayan sheep's wool that is incredibly soft and warm, yet durable.

Saffron Handloom dyes its scarves and shawls expertly by hand using only natural blends created from roots, bark and flowers. For this particular scarf Tesu, Indigo and Lac** were used. The natural dyes are non-toxic, and therefore ideal for sensitive skin.

All Saffron Handloom's products are fairly traded under the trading CraftMark of India. By buying this product you will support local village artisans sustain themselves as under this mark they are guaranteed wages above the average. This ensures a traditional art is maintained for the next generation.

Composition: 100% Himalayan Sheep’s Wool
Size: 220x62cm or 86x24ins (Large Scarf)

Cleaning: Due to nature of the fabric and to ensure its longevity, it is advised to handwash only. All dyes are colour fast. Please note due to handwoven and handmade quality of the product there may be at points slight irregularities in the weave and dye. This feature highlights and adds to the unique charm of the product.

** NB. Lac is the excretion left by the Lac insect and found in the forests of India. The insects are not harmed in any way.

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