Meditation Shawl of Ahimsa Silk & Cotton (Handloom Woven)

Meditation Shawl of Ahimsa Silk & Cotton (Handloom Woven)


Handmade by artisans in the Himalayas of India, these high quality eco-conscious meditation shawls are the prefect accompaniment to your meditation practice.

Each item is woven on a traditional loom with cotton yarn that is sustainably sourced from South India. The cotton is strong and lightweight, therefore helping a meditator maintain a constant temperature throughout meditation practice. Woven Ahimsa silk, also known as peace silk, is ethically harvested in Assam, its humane method allows silkworms to hatch, and the then empty cocoon is then collected for creating the silk thread. This particular silk is incredibly soft and adds an element of luxury to each shawl.

Each shawl is handwoven and therefore unique. The particular weave on these shawls is a beautiful diamond design. The fabric of this shawl is entirely in its natural state, and is un-bleached and un-dyed.

All Saffron Handloom's products are fairly traded under the trading CraftMark of India. By buying this product you will support local village artisans sustain themselves as under this mark they are guaranteed wages above the average. This ensures a traditional art is maintained for the next generation.

The size of the shawl is 230x90cm (90x36in).

The shawl composition is 50% Ahimsa silk to 50% Cotton.

Due to nature of the fabric and to ensure its longevity, it is advised to gentle handwash only. Please note due to handwoven and handmade nature of the product there may be slight irregularities in the weave and dye. This feature highlights and adds to the unique charm of the product.

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